Technical Features

  • Facade, flooring, ceiling, walls and internal areas are used as the complementary elements for decoration.
  • There are 16 colours alternatives. The partition is installed by aluminum roof hangers and its original chrome hooks as a separator for such places as cafes, restaurants, hotels, spas, shopping centers, offices, stores and shop windows.
  • It provides you with a decoratively relieving and transparent appearance. With the colour alternatives, different models and designs can be created with only one colour or with the colours you want.
  • It hides the unwanted details in the place.
  • It provides an extremely chic and decorative appearance.
  • Plexiglass panel, with its 29x29 size, is very easy to apply and is practically designed.
  • The 2,5cm holes at the 4 edges are installed with screws or hooks symmetrically and in parallel.

Practical Package


Contents of the package;

  • 1 Piece Suspended Apparatus,
  • 36 Pieces Plexi-glass Panel,
  • 75 Pieces Chrome Hook,
  • Screws, Anchors.

  • Plexi-glass Panel Industrial Design is registered.
  • Project Comprehensive Color Production can be done.