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Jilda designs decorative products that we manufacture and create world wide for you. With the company founded in Kayseri/TURKEY Jilda has become more and more successful for its sheek indoor, dynamic designs. Jilda decor design is a well known company that designs plexiglass pannels both, in various colours and designs.Weather you have a hotel reception desk that needs a little glamour, cafe lights that want a statement piece. Maybe  add glamour to your bedroom with a dividing wall, even down to sheek diner place mats for a special occasion.

Jilda has various functions; as a curtain, as wall paneling, as a room divider or as a transparent accent element in large and small rooms. The right room divider can transform a sprawling open space by creating intimacy and adding dimension. With multi-functional variations Jilda dictates no rules allowing for individual assemblage in different heights, widths and colors. Jilda is a building block system that invites creativity. Jilda is a true quick-change artist that bathes the window and room with light and color even on the gloomiest day.

Why use plexiglass?
· Plexiglass is a shatter proof plastic which is ideal for a busy  enviroment  or safe around children.
· The plexiglass pannels are easy to essemble, just by attaching each pannels by four hooks in each of the four corners.
· Easy to clean. Plexiglass wont stain and turn yellow.


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